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XNetwork 2.0

Sunday 23 April 2006, by Jean-Baptiste Le Stang

XNetwork 2.0 will be released in a few days, this new version version of XNetwork is now a universal binary allowing (lucky) people having a MacTel to run XNetwork natively. In this release you will also be able to connect to third party access points that only allow you to enter ASCII passwords (5 or 13 characters) or hexadecimal WEP Keys (10/26 characters long).

Several bugs relative to the connection to WEP encrypted networks have been removed.

XNetwork has been redesigned to remove an old unjustified dependency on a Cocoa bundle.

Finally, this version of XNetwork will be released under the GNU GPL licence, allowing other developers to take part to the development of XNetwork and to fix bugs or enhance XNetwork.

If you’re a regular user of XNetwork please consider buying a licence for XNetwork that will give you life support for XNetwork, you can do it on kagi’s web store , it’s a US$ 10 licence (or 8.5 euros without VAT).

- XNetwork binary
- XNetwork sources

17 Forum messages

  • > XNetwork 2.0 27 October 2006 19:12, by Allen

    Doesn’t seem to be working with the new intel-based Mac Book Pros? Any suggestion on writing the AppleScript?

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    • > XNetwork 2.0 27 October 2006 22:46, by Jean-Baptiste LE STANG

      Can you give me an example (script) of something not working ?

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      • > XNetwork 2.0 14 March 2007 13:40, by Kronar

        Hi, I tried this applescript, but airport working always returns true...



        set myairportstatus to is airport working

        display dialog (myairportstatus as string)

        if myairportstatus then disable airport else

        enable airport

        end if

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        • > XNetwork 2.0 17 March 2007 10:33, by Jean-Baptiste LE STANG

          Can you give me the OS you’re using ? Here on Mac OS X (10.4.9) PPC everything is working as expected.

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          • > XNetwork 2.0 18 July 2007 04:03, by Josh

            is airport working always returns true on my macbook pro, 10.4.10. please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide.


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            • > XNetwork 2.0 18 July 2007 06:40, by Jean-Baptiste LE STANG

              This seems to be an error with Intel powered computers, unfortunately, I do not have one to be able to do some debugging. and until know I’ve found no solution to this problem.

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              • > XNetwork 2.0 29 August 2007 21:00, by powellb

                I have fixed it in the sources I download from you. I changed line 134 of Xairport.cp from:

                err = WirelessGetEnabled(gWCtxt, &outEnabled);


                err = WirelessGetPower(gWCtxt, &outEnabled);

                Now, after doing a "stop airport" this is false, and after "start airport" it is true.

                Don’t know what the effect on PPC would be.

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                • > XNetwork 2.0 28 January 2009 22:08, by grantges

                  Hi there -

                  I just downloaded the source, but notice that there are several files referenced as dependencies that are not included in the source download. I checked around and it looks like these are associated with Satimage Smile, but have not had any luck finding the actual files.

                  AESDescUtils.h / .cpp Osax.h / .cpp main.cp

                  any idea where i can track down these files?

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  • > XNetwork 2.0 17 November 2006 01:06, by wmayes

    Does XNetwork 2.0 work with WPA Personal password?

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    • > XNetwork 2.0 30 November 2006 08:59, by Jean-Baptiste LE STANG

      No, for the moment it is not working with WPA2 networks, I’m trying to add this to the next release of XNetwork as soon as possible.

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  • > XNetwork 2.0 9 January 2007 18:17, by cyril

    hello i try to use xnetwork to create an ad hoc network but it’s not working, maybe i not use correctly the applescript ...

    i just type in a script : create ad hoc wireless network "monmac" compil and run and the error is :

    Une erreur de type 4113 s’est produite.

    commands Start Aiport, stop airport are working

    I ’m on OSX 10.3.9 ? maybe it’s a trouble

    can you help me ?

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  • > XNetwork 2.0 7 February 2007 09:39, by Daniel

    Does it work for Computer-to-Computer networks?

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  • > XNetwork 2.0 27 October 2007 00:30, by RobinDeanDotCom

    My airport card experiences disconnects now and then and I’m hoping to use your additions as a remedy.

    The catch is, my card thinks it’s still connected when there is no connection. It simply loses one bar and shows to be connected with three bars strength ... but it’s not. There’s nothing there.

    So, what I want to do is ping a website every 10 seconds and, if the connection times out, stop airport ... start airport.

    I need to do this in a way that is cpu efficient.

    Can you explain how to dot this?

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  • > XNetwork 2.0 29 October 2007 19:28, by guayo

    Great Program!!

    My System: MacBook 10.4.10 Core 2 Duo

    I’m trying to connect to my wireless at work (it uses WEP) with the following script:

    connect to wireless network "MySSID" password "123D456789"

    I get the following error:

    An Error of Type 4102 has ocurred

    Any Ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

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  • > XNetwork 2.0 10 December 2007 19:03, by AGT


    I’m Pedro from PT, with a MacBook Intel 2.0GHz. I’m having similar problems as above... I would like to ask you to make a new version of the dmg with the bug fix of the Airport status always returning true, if possible.

    Also when I try the join network it just explodes. I’m running the script through the shell:

    $ osascript -e ’connect to wireless network "AGT"’

    osascript(316) malloc: *** Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0x31f640; This could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of an allocated block; Try setting environment variable MallocHelp to see tools to help debug

    It’s a great piece of software, congrats...Some issues though, but with time I think it will be great.


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  • XNetwork 2.0 9 October 2009 22:39, by aka

    What is the current state of the XNetwork? That is, does the binary run on 10.6 okay? Does it work in 32-bit or 64-bit mode? Are their current tricks to get it to work? Are there performance hits that might be optimized in the future?

    TIA, aka

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